Clarity is key from beginning to end of the project. It helps to:

  • Vet 2-3 building contractors – have they worked on similar projects before? Can they work to the deadline? What safety measures and insurance do they have in place? How do they work with specification changes? Can they advise on building permissions? Will they provide written confirmation?

  • Provide a thorough outline brief for trades, with a detailed contract, to be signed by both parties

  • Discuss ‘Extras’ from the outset of the project to clarify what may be potential Extras

  • A clean site is to be insisted from all trades

  • Realise your own limitations - A project manager can keep costs and timings in line

  • Hire specialist trades to install specific product and finishes and inform your contractor

  • Keep good communication and provide regular updates to everyone on site

  • Provide secure storage for items delivered prior to installation

  • Make sure every item being delivered will fit through doorways

  • Do a thorough snagging list on completion

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