Now you’ve measured, photographed and documented you are ready to design : • The way you use your room/space/home is individual your needs, so plan the layout to fit your lifestyle, not forgetting storage space • Design around your internal and external focal points to emphasise the best of your space • Decide what elements you would like removed, revamped or replaced eg: removing a wall to emphasise a fabulous view or restoring a fireplace to make it the central focus – choose the best elements in your room • In the process be sympathetic to the history of the building – the combination of contemporary and period detail can add an exciting visual contrast • When it isn’t possible to remove elements, equipment or change the proportion of the room, use shape, colour, material and focused lighting to visually disguise so the best can be emphasised

Remember, there is a solution to every problem and with some creative thought the resolution may in fact enhance your design

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