Colour changes everything – once the paint is on the wall transformation happens:

  • colour changes the mood, atmosphere, temperature and can visually enhance the size of the room.

And, violet blue is the one for 2018 – a bold violet can work well as accents

Consider where and how much colour to use. Remember a few general rules:

  • bold colours advance and cooler colours recede

  • Cool receding colours tend to make a space look more spacious

  • warm advancing colours make a room more intimate & cosy

  • Hues have their own level of natural brightness; thats why yellow, red, red/orange appear brighter and are used where maximum attention is required and have more energy and visually advance

  • The cooler hues, green, blue and indigo are more passive and recede making a room appear more spacious

  • All colours have under hues eg white may have either a cool, green undertone or a warmer yellow undertone – this helps when matching finishes and fabrics.

  • Adding the various tints, shades and tones of colour creates variety and character.

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