Is a personalised approach that provides an independent, individualistic, unique you that expresses a luxury that uses elements, finishes and design layout to surprise and delight with collections of art, books, sculpture and winsome detail to create a more personal and intimate environment.

It’s not about size but the intimate luxury that is personalised. Often the personality of each room is individual expressing personality in an eclectic manner.

A boutique hotel emphasises the unique experience, the intimate luxury, the uniqueness to other design. It is relaxing, luxurious and intimate.

Your boutique space can be created with the same philosophy – your home should express you with the reflection of your lifestyle with your unique requirements and taste.

BESPOKE design

It is made unique to you, made to measure, custom-made, completely individual, designed to your tastes and specifications, functional to your requirements, expressing you, catering to your needs and tastes:

  • bespoke fitted furniture is made to fit your belongings into a particular space perfectly eg bespoke kitchen cabinetry is designed to accommodate your size of crockery, quantity and make the best use of the space;

  • bespoke fixtures include furniture, fabric, rugs, wallpaper and lighting;

  • Bespoke interiors include kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms, - rooms that are completely individual functional and personal, an environment/room that expresses you.

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